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What should I pay attention to when I push the supermarket shopping cart up the escalator?

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Many people use shopping carts in supermarkets, so what should you pay attention to when pushing supermarket shopping carts on escalators? QHDC will introduce you to them.


When shopping in a mall, I often see children who put children in the shopping cart and go up and down the escalator. In fact, it is very dangerous. If the shopping cart is not fixed, it is easy to cause accidents. It is best to hold the child in your hand.


You must check the driving direction and do not drive in the opposite direction. Some people like to express themselves. When they ride the escalator with their companions, they like to walk on the escalator opposite and chase their companions. This not only brings danger to oneself, but also affects the safety of other passengers.

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When riding an escalator, do not go barefoot. If you have shoes with laces, you should pay attention to whether the laces are fastened. After the escalator runs for a long time, there will be gaps if the escalator is not repaired in time. If you wear a long skirt, you should pay attention to the skirt, it is best to mention it, otherwise it will be easy to get stuck.


There are generally at least two brake buttons on the escalator, which are installed at the start and end of the escalator, and there will be one in the middle of some escalators. When an accident occurs, or when someone else is found to have an accident, the staff or passengers can quickly press it Press the emergency brake button and the elevator will stop to avoid further personal injury. But please be careful not to press this brake button arbitrarily, otherwise it will frighten passengers and cause accidents.


Pay attention to entering the escalator. If it is a stepped escalator, the position of your feet should be in the safe area. Do not step on the junction of the two steps. Otherwise, when the previous step is lifted, it is easy to lose control of the center of gravity and fall.


When pushing a shopping cart and riding an escalator, stand facing the exit of the escalator. Don’t take a back-to-back posture because you are talking to people around you; don’t stay at the entrance of the escalator. Wait for someone to stand by and not obstruct the passengers behind. .


Don’t lower your head to play with your mobile phone or do other things on the escalator. You should observe the situation ahead. Don’t wait until the exit to raise your head in a hurry. Even when you reach the exit, you should lower your head to play with your own. It is easy to fall down due to inertia. Accidents cannot be discovered in time.


Here are some points to note about using the shopping cart:


1. Pay attention to check the quality of the supermarket shopping cart, especially the quality of the baby seat, check the structure of the shopping cart, the weighing capacity, the flexibility and inclination of the cart, to ensure that the cart is used safely.


2. During the shopping process, be careful not to pull the shopping cart quickly, avoid hitting people or shopping carts, and prevent things from falling down and hitting people.


3. Do not overload or load unevenly to avoid tilting of the vehicle.


4. Do not put children in the shopping cart frame to avoid the danger of children's free activities when adults are shopping.


5. Don't put your hand in the gap of the shopping cart to prevent it from getting stuck in your hands or feet or being scratched by metal.


6. Please do not leave children alone in the car to prevent children from moving freely in the car from danger.


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