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How to place the supermarket shopping cart?

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In supermarkets, we often see that many people put their shopping carts anywhere, which leads to shopping carts everywhere in the supermarket. If it were not organized by the staff, then the supermarket might be messed up.


So how should the supermarket shopping cart be placed?


Citizens go shopping in large supermarkets, and supermarkets generally provide shopping carts to facilitate shopping. However, many customers who shop in supermarkets leave their shopping carts in the parking lot, which is not only inconvenient for motor vehicles to enter and exit, but also poses safety risks.

 supermarket shopping cart

In the previous supermarkets, when people came to shop, they liked to push a shopping cart at the entrance of the supermarket. Some people really needed a shopping cart to buy a lot of goods, and some children with them liked to sit in the shopping cart. , There are also pushing to play.


Shopping cart traffic jams occur at any time in the supermarket, and in some corners of the supermarket, scattered shopping carts are discarded there, and few people push the shopping cart away, occupying the space of the supermarket, at those exits. And the underground parking lot, you can see the shopping carts parked in disorder, it is difficult for the supermarket staff to take care of it.


With the popularity of coin-operated shopping carts, the number of shopping carts parked in disorder has been significantly reduced. Not only that, we rarely see shopping carts blocked in shopping malls.


Generally speaking, everyone chooses to invest a dollar to use the shopping cart, and when they push the cart, they still hope to get this dollar back, because even if they don’t take others, they will push the car to the parking place to get this dollar. . This method effectively improves people's consciousness, reduces the loss of the supermarket, and reduces the work intensity of the staff.


When shopping in the supermarket, half of the people who like to use shopping carts come from adults and young people who like to buy a large amount of daily necessities at once. Young people are physically strong and energetic, and more small steps are nothing more than a waste of a few seconds for them. It’s only time, so I understand and support the decision that the supermarket shopping cart requires coin insertion.


Elderly people prefer to push the shopping cart to the farthest place that can be pushed, so that they do not need to mention it, which can reduce the burden, and the return point of those shopping carts is generally set up in a place that is easy for the staff to operate. Therefore, the elderly think that this regulation is a bit troublesome, and now many supermarkets have gradually begun to try to set a return point outside the supermarket.


In fact, the supermarket requires the shopping cart to invest in coins not to make money, but to let everyone develop good usage habits, not only to let everyone have a good shopping experience in the supermarket, but also to facilitate the management of the supermarket.


Therefore, when we shop daily, we should learn to place and return the shopping cart reasonably. If you don't want the cart in your hand during shopping, you can ask the staff to arrange it for you.


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