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Shopping Trolley

Wide range of different styles of shopping trolleys are commonly to be seen and used in supermarkets and shopping malls. Zinc plated and colorful powder coated are designed by customers and popular among countries and regions.


Rolling Logistics

It is very useful when moving heavy goods, especially used in warehouse, fruit, milk and laundries stores, large loading capacity can save you time and effort when working. Strong and wear-off materials wheels are equipped to ensure trolleys long lifetime.


Stainless Steel Trolley

Stainless steel 304 material, no rust, no poison, smooth TIG welding makes trolley good looking.
Trolleys are usually used in chemical, kitchen, bakery, sea food industry. Designs of multi layers of racks improve the loading capacity and space saving.


Warehouse Trolley

Designed to fit into shelves, pick up small and numerous sets of accessories, usually suitable for a good condition of the tool shop and the storage location of spare parts, wear and tear parts.


KID Trolley

Family shopping activities with children.
Safe and invoative trolleys are best choices for parents and children.
Abandoning outdated and clumsy kid trolleys in the past, this portable model is our latest design. Parents and children are attracted by its delicate, attentive, safe structures on the first sight, give both consideration to superior shopping experience and pleasure.


Cargo Trolley

It is specially used for loading all kinds of special-shaped goods which are not easy to be carried. The carts can be used in various scenarios, such as narrow aisles, flower houses, countryside fields, workshop, etc. Workers do not have to bend down or stack repeatedly when carrying goods. Some models even with foldable and disassembled baskets, all of which are designed on the premise of customers’ convenience.

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With support of QHDC Australia more than 30 years.
Producing 300,000-400,000 trolleys a year.
With the experienced developing department and mature drawing service.
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QHDC is a well-known brand in Australia and supplying almost all the trolleys of this market. Suzhou QHDC metal product co., ltd is a China factory producing shopping trolleys for Australia market, euro regions, and other countries around the world.

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The overall feedback form the customer was very good! Thank you for the good job!

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Looks good joyce, Can’t wait! Your company's products look so great and I can't wait to try it! Thank you so much, dear Joyce!

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Joyce is a nice lady and a good sales woman. Is good at follow up and straight forward. Am working on a big customer and will send her an inquiry shortly. It was good to hear from you and look forward to meeting you again. Best regards!

Customer From Canada

The tray a little to small, but we can change suitable size tray by ourself. Just let you know. We’re happy with everything. Hope we can work together next time if we open more store.

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How to enhance the grocery shopping experience? - grocery shopping cart
How to enhance the grocery shopping experience? - grocery shopping cart

When you are planning for grocery shopping, you will need to have an enjoyable experience. And for that enjoyable experience, the grocery stores have to provide you the services that are up to the mark. When a store is trying to enhance their grocery shopping experience, they need to make sure that they are providing their customers with the best comfort. One of the main comforts is the grocery shopping cart.

A shopping basket can also surprise you!
A shopping basket can also surprise you!

The process of buying a cup of coffee inside is very simple. Before entering the store, open your Alipay sweep the two-dimensional code and bind the Alipay account. After entering the store, you can just go out directly with the good coffee, that is, buying and leaving, eliminating the customers’ annoyance of queuing up.

Portable foldable shopping cart makes it easier to go out
Portable foldable shopping cart makes it easier to go out

Supermarket shopping cart appears in the American market and gradually enters into our country. With China's accession to the WTO, domestic enterprises learn from the U.S. to open their own supermarket, and gradually eliminate the retro canteen, so that shopping carts can take advantage of the opportunity to enter the domestic market.


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