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The epidemic has sounded the alarm for the reform of the supermarket retail industry!

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At the beginning of the new year of 2020, like a bolt from the blue, the new coronavirus began in Wuhan and quickly spread throughout the country and even overseas.


For all industries, the new coronavirus has caused a huge impact, and it has become a "black swan event" in the beginning of 2020.


The black swan incident caught everyone off guard, and the butterfly effect after the black swan caused all industries to be hit hard.


Take most of the real economy industries that need to be "face-to-face". Because the fight against the epidemic requires isolation, most shopping malls, physical stores, theaters, catering, tourism, offline training, offline entertainment and other industries have to Announced closure of business.


There is no doubt that most companies will be hit hard in this epidemic. However, every time there is a heavy hit, there is often an opportunity. Every major event will further catalyze the transformation and innovation of many industries.


These Internet companies that rose rapidly after the SARS epidemic in 2003 were all because they seized the opportunities of the times. And what enlightenment will this epidemic bring to retailers beyond the industry?


In this new type of pneumonia epidemic, Yonghui Supermarket, BBK, Jiajiayue, Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Hippo, China Resources Vanguard and other supermarket retail companies have all rushed to the front line to ensure supply, security, and price. Demonstrated responsibility for fighting the epidemic.


When shopping in a supermarket, consumers queuing at the supermarket checkout counter to wait for settlement has always been the worst part of the consumer experience. In the epidemic, this performance is even more prominent and greatly increases the risk of cashier infection.


During the shopping process, consumers urgently need to know more product information when choosing products to help them make decisions. However, price tags in supermarkets are chaotic, and products are out of stock. In the epidemic, the inventory is not transparent. , It is often seen that consumers get together to select products, and the workload of supermarket staff checking inventory replenishment is huge.


Therefore, after the epidemic, supermarkets and retail companies urgently need to carry out digital and intelligent transformations. What is gratifying is that the smart shopping carts that have been put into use in the market have realized "people-oriented" smart shopping.


How is digital smart shopping realized?


1) Before shopping: Recommend a customized shopping route to avoid close contact

Smart shopping carts can help supermarkets to establish a pan-membership system based on consumer behaviors, complete consumer portraits, record consumer browsing records in stores, recommend shopping routes suitable for consumers, and push appropriate coupons .


2) Shopping: the ultimate shopping experience, avoid shopping together

After the consumer arrives in a certain category area, the smart shopping cart can recommend products that consumers need more urgently according to the needs of supermarkets or brands, combined with big data analysis that records consumer portraits, and help consumers quickly complete purchase decisions and reduce abandonment rate .


At the same time, after the purchase decision of a certain type of product is completed, the smart shopping cart will continue to tap the user's consumption potential, recommend products that match the purchased product, increase the customer unit price, and facilitate consumers.


3) After shopping: self-settlement to avoid cashier queue

After the consumer completes the shopping, he scans the barcode of the product directly on the shopping cart to complete the settlement. There is no need to carry the products one by one at the checkout counter and wait in line for settlement.


It is understood that during the epidemic, supermarket shopping trolleys sent by QHDC to various places will be disinfected after they arrive at their destinations to prevent cross-infection, especially the handles of shopping carts.

 shopping trolleys

Nowadays, many consumers choose to use smart cars to make purchases and settlements independently, because they can truly avoid contact with people and do not need to wait in line for cashier settlement.


The alarm bell has sounded. Those supermarket retail companies that can embrace change and innovation will inevitably become stronger and stronger; and those who stick to the rules will inevitably become weaker.


What we can do is to adapt to the black swan that is getting caught off guard and embrace innovation and change.


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