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The supermarket retailing industry is a diverse sector, from the little convenience store to the chain hypermarkets, including the wholesale outlets, DIY stores, small shopping malls… each of which requires specially designed shopping trolleys. QHDC aims to offer our customers the widest range of shopping equipments, we constantly upgrade our products to make them safer, more creative, more comfortable.

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Our ranges of products have been designed to take into account the technical specification to many fields of industry and logistics. In order to shorten turnaround time, reduce stock, optimize resources allo cation, rationalize production and ultimately achieve the goal of improving the economic efficiency of enterprises.

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QHDC factory with own perfect warehouse management system and would like to help our customers to realize combination of storage, transportation, package loading and and distribution. Our storage products are designed for heavy loading, large capacity and rationalize transferring handling.

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In the fields of fresh ice display equipments requires health, safety, sustainability that helps seafood retain moisture, flavor, freshness. The use of ice for the preservation and display of fresh foods meets all different types of seafood, aquatic products. Low temperature and high levels of moisture for optimal preservation requires good quality stainless steel products.

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Most advanced and high quality supermakets usually offers a corner of bakery. The heavy-duty sheet pan racks with different sizes and structures are made from SS304 materials and perfect for organizing and transporting in your supermarkets, commercial kitchen, bakery stores, cafeteria, restaurants,banquet…


QHDC as an Australia – domestic company in retailing industry represents international quality standard for all of our products, and supplys friendly customer after-sales- service for all over the pacific areas and other worldwide regions. You can get the most advanced industry data and service and most competitive prices from QHDC China factory. Quality is our principle for all products, which is 100% safety and quality inspection. Besides, we persist in motivating own developing ability, keep launching new products for seeking potential business in markets.

Under the more and more rapid market development, and fierce market competition, our products and brand has been recognized by worldwide markets after more than 30years of growing-up, and we always remember our first mission is to supply customers with good quality products then work towards for further achievements.

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01High quality galvanizing and painting services

The whole surface coating treatment of QHDC products is completed by automatic assembly line production, so we can ensure that the effect of surface coating is always consistent. All products have met the strict European standards for environmental protection.

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02High quality material selection

We used standard steel material Q195 for all of trolleys production, which is with consistent production quality, smooth welding and bright looking.
Stainless steel 304 materials are used for our new stainless trolleys, regular inspection of raw materials ensures our stable production.
Recycled environmental plastic materials ensures no fade, tough loading capacity for our baskets

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03High standard casters

Our trolleys are equipped with the strongest castors from the USA, Germany, China local suppliers. We also have our own brand QHDC wheels for 3 years quality warranty. The best quality wheel has passed 240hrs salty spray test in TUV lab.
Customers can use our wheels and trolleys for a long time, you donot need to replace wheels and spare parts every year.

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04Advanced automatic production equipment and super high capacity

We have 3 advanced automatic production lines, automatic welding, automatic bending, automatic forming and a series of automatic production equipment. With advanced equipment, our production capacity has reached an annual output of 500000 sets, which are sold to Australia, New Zealand and other countries.

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05Efficient automatic control quality management system

Our company has 25 quality inspection personnel, including grinding, black inspection, semi-finished product quality inspection, finished product full inspection and other personnel, so as to ensure the consistency of our company's product quality. We can provide you with the highest standard products.

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06International brand QHDC

When you shop in any supermarket in Australia, the shopping cart in your hand is produced by our qhdc company. I believe that in the future, we can see our qhdc shopping cart everywhere in China's supermarkets.


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