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Shopping Trolley

Different kinds of shopping trolleys are playing important roles for customers shopping in malls, supermarets. Large capacity of trolleys are suitable for family, smaller trolleys are convenient for some convenience stores, trolley manufactures are producing creative, and beautiful carts for meeting up varieties of needs.

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fashionable shopping trolley
quality shopping trolley
Metal shopping trolley

QHDC metal shopping trolleys are made of standard quality carbon steel materials , which are good at bending and welding, and different structures and shapes can be shown through the designs and angles of shopping carts.
The steel galvanized chassis and baskets are panited with shiny varnish. The most common zinc galvanized and clear powder coated double thick surface finish can promise the anti-rust using for long time.

  • The characteristics of materials
    Good bending materials can produce many creative and innovative metal trolleys.

  • Money saving
    Metal trolleys are more economic, stronger and easy to be transported.

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plastic shopping trolley
lightweight shopping trolley
good quality shopping trolley
Plastic shopping trolley

In the past, most trolleys are made of iron materials. Along with the developments of retailing industry, more and more shopper are becoming more likely to pursue fashion trends, supermarkets are increasingly buying more plastic shopping carts to replace the the original iron ones. In addition to current popular EURO and American style of plastic shopping carts, we are also launching our creative brand plastic carts.

  • Safer

  • Better looking

  • Clear identify

  • Environmentally

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2 tier shopping trolley
double shopping trolley
Double baskets trolley

When you need to buy some stuff in grocery stores or convenience stores, double basket trolley is your best choice. This trolley has 2 layers of main baskets, with a small size of square wire holder, the upper basket allows you to put on your clothes, diaper bag, or other personal items, and handful of assorted food items, the small square basket allows you to stock umbrella, keys, phone... Use the lower basket detaches to function as a hand basket, which makes this a highly shareable option for small shopping items.

  • Space saving

  • Small size of trolley with 100L loading capacity

  • Convenience and creative design

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kids plastic trolley
kids plastic shopping trolley
Kid shopping trolley

Children are an important part of family. Most young parents will take their baby go shopping together. We have 2 latest modern kid shopping trolleys for 6 months and 2-years-old babies., designed by famous designers who worked for professional baby trolleys for many years.

  • Great helper for family

  • Great helper for Family purchasing activity, even Mommy take child go shopping alone, this trolley can help her enjoy shopping with baby together.

  • One more choice
    Though we have produced kid trolleys with old molds before, if you can have an unique kid trolley attractive for baby and parents. Would you want to have a try as well?

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500-1500m2  Small Boutiques

There are more boutiques and neighborhood market stores available, here we recommend some trolleys suitable for this kind of stores.

Quantity Reference

  • Lightweight shopping trolley, like JHD-BST01, 20-50PCS

  • Best shopping trolley cart, 50-100pcs

  • Good quality kids shopping trolly, 10pcs JHD-K1,K2

  • High standard baby trolley for 6 months-2 years old

  • Heavy duty basket cargo trolley JHD-CB,FCA#1017560

supermarket shopping trolleys for sale

1500-3000m2  Medium Convenience Stores

More and more fresh markets and convenience stores are located around the communities, schools, here are trolleys we recommend.

Quantity Reference

  • Light shopping trolley, like JHD-BST01, 50-100pcs

  • Euro 80L trolley, 100-150pcs

  • Plastic roller basket, 100-200pcs

  • Good quality kid trolley, 20pcs

  • High standard baby trolley for 6 months-2 years old, 20pcs

  • Heavy duty cargo roller trolley JHD-CB,FCA#1017560,10pcs

shopping trolleys for sale

3000-6000m2  Chain Supermarkets

There are high demands of trolleys for most chain supermarkets, here are some popular trolleys for reference.

Quantity Reference

  • Euro 100L, 125L best shopping cart, 200-300PCS

  • Plastic roller basket, 200-300pcs

  • Good quality shopping trolly for kids, 20pcs

  • High standard baby trolley for 6 months -2 years old, 5PCS

  • 200kg heavy duty cargo trolley, 5pcs

  • 500kg heavy duty flat warehouse trolley,5pcs

shopping cart solutions

8000-10000m2  Hyper Supermarkets

With the development of retailing industry, a few hyper markets are always looking for better options for trolleys, current hot sales as belows.

Quantity Reference

  • Euro 100L, 125L good quality shopping trolley, 400-1000PCS

  • Good quality kids trolley cart, 30pcs

  • High standard baby trolley for 6 months -2 years old, 10PCS

  • 200kg heavy duty cargo trolley, 10pcs

  • 500kg heavy duty warehouse trolley, 10pcs

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