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Warehouse Trolley Use Guide

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The warehouse trolley is used to transport various tools, materials and other light or heavy loads from one point to another. With one or two trays, with foldable backrest, directional wheels: the warehouse trolley is used in many sectors of activity for handling tasks.  

The components of the warehouse trolley

An integral part of the workshop layout and essential handling equipment, as well as a trolley, the design of the trolley is robust for the transport of tools ( toolbox, etc.) and of any heavy load according to sectors. Whatever its shape, the workshop trolley is equipped with:

● One or more trays for transporting loads;

● Four casters to facilitate movement, two of which are directional;

● A cross bar to steer the carriage.

The different types of warehouse trolleys

The warehouse trolleys are available in different versions:

● trolley with one or two files, the most classic model;

● four-sided wire mesh cart to keep loads in place;

● tiered trolley with two or three shelves.

A warehouse trolley is chosen according to the use and nature of the objects it carries.

The characteristics of warehouse trolleys

To choose your warehouse trolley correctly, different characteristics must be considered:

● the type, format and weight of the loads to be transported;

● the frequency of use of the warehouse cart;

● the length of the distances to be covered to carry out handling work affects the quality of the wheels;

● the type of room, in particular the size, the type of floor or the clearance gauge.


Other parameters concerning the carriages must be taken into account;

● Robustness: trolleys with a steel structure are appreciated for their impact resistance.

● Tray: prefer a trolley with a non-slip mat to keep the loads in place perfectly.

● Number of shelves: some models have two or three shelves making it easier to transport different loads at the same time.

● Material: the frame is made of painted steel and can be made of stainless steel for humid environments. The trays are made of wood, steel or stainless steel.

● Wheels: depending on the nature of the ground and the distances to be covered, prefer large shock-absorbing rubber wheels.

● Backrest: some devices are fitted with a fold able backrest for easy storage.

● Type of wheels: swivel or fixed, or both.


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