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Supermarket shopping cart suitable for children

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The store has set up different series of products for children of different ages, big and small, and even adults, with prices ranging from tens of yuan to thousands of yuan. From the perspective of weekend store traffic, family customers and young customers account for a relatively high proportion. Among them, family-type customers have a higher shopping rate.


If children accompany us to the supermarket to buy food and more, they help us make a shopping list at home, review everything we need and what they want to buy, they will feel part of the family decision.


Once in the store, children can bring their own small baskets with wheels and bring in purchased items.


For parents who want to shop with their children, the child shopping cart provides a great opportunity to focus on the list of items you have planned to buy. When you pass the shelf, your child will move with you. Children make choices as they move with the shopping cart.


Kid shopping trolley is specially designed for children. The weight is not as good as in a traditional shopping cart. It is designed with a lighter weight plastic material. This is to ensure that the weight is as light as possible even if there is no load. Similarly, just like adult strollers, children's shopping carts are also designed with wheels. This means that children can push wheeled carts into shopping malls just like adults.

 Kid shopping trolley

Therefore, kid shopping trolleys commonly found in supermarkets have convenient functional designs;


·Suitable for supermarkets, large shopping centers, shopping centers, etc.


·Although most are made of plastic, some are made of powder-coated steel to prevent corrosion.


·Straight handle, easy to operate.


·5 Turn the wheels to move easily.


· In front of the toy car for children to play.


·The belt on the toy car can ensure the safety of children.


·The appearance is very attractive.


· Provide several colors.


Parents are passionate about the goods you buy in the supermarket, and the children you take away like it too. Kid shopping carts are as good as traditional shopping carts in supermarkets. In addition to the convenience provided, children's shopping carts are also a good way to encourage parents to encourage their children to participate in the shopping spree.


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