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QHDC China shopping trolley warehouse regular checking

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This week, we are conducting regular warehouse checking for spare parts of shopping trolleys.

Assembling trolleys usually requires several kinds of plastic parts, wheels, metal components, each order of trolleys may need different spare parts. So we have to keep enough stock in the warehouse before starting assembling work.

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Regular warehouse checking work is usually done monthly, the mid of the year, and at the end of year, in order to clearly know the latest situation of warehouse, to avoid materials wasting and repeated purchasing actions during routine production.

During increasingly challenging and competitive markets, the productive operations of warehouse can also commit to the way of your business success.


Good operations of warehouse will cover the following aspects,

  • More effective use of space within warehouse

  • Stock spare parts can be used first to avoid waste

  • Improved efficiency in various dept of functions

  • Facilitate the delivery time of order arrangement

  • Improved inventory accuracy to lower cost


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