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Portable foldable shopping cart makes it easier to go out

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The characteristics foldable shopping cart

Supermarket shopping cart appears in the American market and gradually enters into our country. With China's accession to the WTO, domestic enterprises learn from the U.S. to open their own supermarket, and gradually eliminate the retro canteen, so that shopping carts can take advantage of the opportunity to enter the domestic market.


Supermarket shopping cart generally refers to a kind of shopping equipment we use in supermarket shopping, which is an indispensable tool in our life. When we use shopping cart in supermarket shopping, on the one hand, it can improve the buyer's more demand, on the other hand, it can improve the seller's turnover, which saves the labor force and cost.

Classification of foldable shopping cart

1) Bracket shopping cart

The frame type shopping basket is made of cold-rolled steel wire, and the surface treatment of the car body is similar to that of stainless steel. Polyurethane wheels make our shopping cart more prominent. The scaffolding shopping cart is evolved from the American shopping cart. Its basic functions are relatively similar, and most of them could be found in small supermarkets.


2) Pallet shopping cart

Pallet shopping cart, commonly known as "American shopping cart", has three functions. First, there is a place for children to sit in the basket, so that it is convenient for women or people with children to shop. Second, the volume in the frame can improve more and larger supermarket goods. Third, there is a place for shopping basket under the car body. Compared with American style shopping carts, the number of goods placed in other shopping carts is far less.


3) Japan style Shopping cart

There is no special volume division for the Japanese shopping cart. The common one is the shopping iron frame on the car body frame, and the shopping basket tray is placed below. The feature is that shopping cart and shopping basket can be used at the same time, and the disadvantage is that the storage of goods is worse than European shopping cart.

foldable shopping cart

A reliable foldable shopping cart supplier

Originates from Australia, QHDC is a reliable foldable shopping cart supplier which has a history of more than 30 years, and its market share is above 90% in Australia. The company aims at providing the foldable shopping carts for high-end market. With the rapid development of retail industry in China, QHDC decided to enter into the market in China, and continually providing the most valuable solution for high-end market in China.  

The advantages of QHDC

To be a leader in the foldable shopping cart manufacturing industry, products from QHDC has the following advantages in the following aspects: Quality control, Delivery, design ability and production scale.


QHDC has a strict policy in the process of selecting the raw material, material with defeats would be refund. The delivery date of sample is within 15 days while the delivery of goods would be within 25-30 days. And the scale of economic also helps us to be in a leading position in this industry.



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