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A shopping basket can also surprise you!

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Some time ago, Alibaba's unmanned supermarket was amazing.


The process of buying a cup of coffee inside is very simple. Before entering the store, open your Alipay sweep the two-dimensional code and bind the Alipay account. After entering the store, you can just go out directly with the good coffee, that is, buying and leaving, eliminating the customers’ annoyance of queuing up.

Apart from Alibaba's unmanned supermarket, the smart "shopping basket" of Japanese convenience stores is also amazing.


Different from the ordinary convenience store, the goods in the convenience store are labeled with RFID (radio frequency identification) tags, and the shopping basket is full of mystery.


When you put something in the plastic shopping basket, the plastic shopping basket can sense that when you take something away from the basket, the goods will disappear from the shopping list.

After purchasing goods, at the self-checkout, just put the plastic shopping basket in, and the system will scan the goods, confirm your final bill, and calculate the cumulative amount of all goods.


The plastic shopping basket will open from below and drop into the plastic bag to pack automatically. You don't need to pack things by yourself. When you have paid, you can carry it away.


Alibaba's unmanned supermarket uses multimodal biometric technology, which includes face, fingerprint, iris and even bone analysis.


The checkout system of convenience stores in Japan uses RFID (radio frequency identification) technology, which can write commodity information and read information content with the help of a machine.


But for convenience stores which mainly sell small goods, the biggest problem is still the cost. Every small product is labeled with RFID, which has a great impact on the cost.



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