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New production lines for plastic powder coated on supermarket trolleys

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As we known, the most common surface finish for supermarket trolleys are zinc galvanized and clear plastic powder coated in the market. But how to control the quality of this process has always been our main concern in the past. Since our new factory founded, we have devoted much effort to pass the government requirements and legal policies to apply this workshop. Finally, after more than half years' preparation work, we achieved the rights to use this. It is great that we have ability to make surface finish by our factory now. Let’s have a look at the photos of first trial production.


This production line was combined by auto transmission channel, large dry container, wash clean container, also equipped with latest 2 plastic spray container for different needs.

Finished metal parts will be put on the clean pallets by workers, our assembled dept will be notified to pick goods up later.

After QC checked the first finished goods, they are satisfied with this. The color is shinny bright, surface is smooth, and without missing defects.

With this new line,

Our products can lower scratching defects caused by several times transportation before assembling.

The production ability can be highly improved to save time for warehouse, logistics.

Customers can also have more choices for surface finish and quality can be strictly controlled by us.


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