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10 characteristics to look for when choosing a shopping trolley

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In the market there is a wide variety of solutions to choose the shopping trolley with which to equip a store. There are as many solutions as there are needs in the large distribution and sectors such as electronics, DIY, toy stores.

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Here, we explain 10 characteristics to look for when choosing the best shopping trolley for your business and offer the best shopping experience to your customers:

1. LIGHTNESS.  A lightweight shopping trolley is much more user-friendly and maneuverable, allowing you to shop more comfortably in your store. Remember that the shopping trolley accompanies the user from the moment they enter through the door of the store until they leave it.

2. MOBILITY. A trolley designed to be used from any of its four sides allows to make the purchase in a practical, manageable and accessible way

3. COMPACT. Who has not found himself on occasion surrounded by shopping trolleys in the aisle of a supermarket? Compact shopping trolleys facilitate the movement of the consumer through the establishment. Remember, the important thing is that the consumer enjoys making the purchase.

4. DESIGN. The transport systems of the purchase, such as baskets and shopping trolley, are part of the furniture of the store and as such must share the same design as the rest of the store. A shopping trolley with a modern aesthetic invites you to use it and involves the consumer in a comprehensive shopping experience. 

5. ERGONOMICS. A shopping trolley will be comfortable to carry if its design is ergonomic and designed to make driving easy at any time during the purchase process.

6. SAVING OF SPACE. The store's square meters are for product display, hence you should be thinking of saving space when the shopping trolleys are stacked.

7. COMFORT OF DISCHARGE. It is one of the most stressful times for the consumer. Get to the cashier and have to take out, one by one, the products chosen in your purchase! A shopping trolley with easy accessibility to the interior will always be well seen by the consumer

8. CUSTOMIZABLE. The customization of the shopping trolleys in colors and logos allows you to adapt them to the global image of your banner. Don't let a boring shopping trolley that is out of tune with the rest of your store's commercial store take color away from the “shopping experience”

9. FOR EVERYTHING. What type of product do you offer? How big are they? This question will be decisive in choosing the capacity of the shopping trolley you need. Offering a shopping trolley that does not adapt to the store format is, in most cases, counterproductive because the user is not going to use a shopping trolley that they do not need.

10. FOR EVERYONE. All consumers are important and the shopping trolley must be adapted for users of all heights and ages.

We hope that with these 10 reasons it is much easier to choose the Best Market Shopping Trolley for your business.


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