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How consumers return the shopping cart themselves?

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There are many shopping cart manufacturers in China. They can provide you with different styles of shopping carts, which can be designed according to your requirements. QHDC can help you build a supermarket in one stop.


Suzhou QHDC Metal Products Co., Ltd. is a Chinese factory dedicated to producing shopping trolleys for the Australian market, Eurozone and other countries/regions in the world. Our supermarket trolleys, cargo trolleys, warehouse trolleys, reel containers, QHDC brand wheels, etc. are all produced through a strict production process, from material control to the final final product, which fully meets the needs and standards of customers. When you buy products from QHDC, you can rest assured and get satisfaction.

shopping cart coin lock

We will help you solve the problem of how to encourage customers to return goods?

Durable, impact shopping cart coin locks can encourage your customers to return their shopping carts to the designated space or cart corral. Once interlocked with another cart, the coin deposit will be returned, costing your customers nothing. The stainless steel chain is designed to fit the shopping cart nesting space precisely keeping them neat. This security measure also ensures customers can only retrieve the deposit coin once the shopping cart is completely nested within another cart .


The anti-theft shopping cart lock or trolley lock offered by QHDCis the simplest, most affordable and efficient method to ensure the return of your shopping carts or trolleys and avoid injuries compare to anti-theft lock wheels. Well-established in Australia, this anti-theft method has made its mark and is widely used among Australia countries. An anti-theft shopping cart lock is installed on each shopping cart or trolley. To unlock a shopping cart or a trolley, the customer simply inserts coin or a specially designed PVC token into the slot of the shopping cart or trolley lock. The key can then be removed to separate the cart or trolley from the others shopping cart or trolley, the customer is then free to use the shopping cart or the trolley.


To return the shopping cart or trolley, the customer inserts the key of another shopping cart or trolley which is in front into the anti-theft lock of the shopping cart or trolley, retrieves the coin or PVC token and the shopping cart is locked automatically avoiding it to be stollen. Therefore, the service to use the shopping cart or trolLey is FREE for your customers.There is an incentive for your customers to retrieve their coin or token therefore the carts will not likely be left in all corners of the parking lot. Instead, the carts or trolley will always be available for your next customer in their designated area.


If you are troubled with this problems, i think you can try this method, wholesales shopping carts coin lock price be reasonable by QHDC,you can contact us for more info.


With the expansion of production scale, QHDC will focus on redesigning shopping carts, and the shopping carts sold in the future will be more user-friendly. In the near future, whether you are a new or old user of QHDC, we will provide you with great discounts.


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