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As consumers, we must begin to be responsible with our environment and become aware that preserving the life of our planet is in our hands. Therefore, at qhdc trolley, we offer you many solutions to make your purchases in a more sustainable way. We have shopping trolleys which will allow you to make your purchase in a comfortable and practical way.


However, in the last decades, with the appearance of large shopping centers and hypermarkets, the method of shopping has changed. At the same time, fridges and freezers increasingly supported more capacity. Therefore, consumers begin to go to these large stores to make biweekly or monthly purchases.


Also, shopping with heavy bags becomes a challenge for people who live in a big city who don't have a car. Carrying all the food in a single trip on foot or by public transport is a real challenge.

 shopping trolley


For all of the above, the shopping trolley remained an item of the past. However, postmodernism is regaining the use of shopping trolleys for several reasons. Here are the reasons why you should buy a shopping trolley:


1. Ecological

Using a shopping trolley to transport the food and other items you buy to your home helps you preserve the environment. Shopping trolleys are reusable as many times as you need.


2. Practical

The shopping trolleys are very practical. They have great capacity to store many products and transport them effortlessly, thanks to their wheels. You can push the trolley without carrying hundreds of kilos on your body,


 3. Modern

Today's shopping trolleys have beautiful patterns and there are many models to choose from. The shopping trolley thus becomes one more complement. There are more feminine and more masculine. It is an essential item for any family of any type and for anyone who is in charge of shopping for their home.



When choosing the most appropriate shopping trolley for your needs, there are a number of factors that you should pay attention to:


1. Number of wheels

The number of wheels that the shopping trolley has is essential that it be comfortable and comfortable when pushing it. Four-wheel shopping trolleys are much more stable than 2-wheel shopping trolleys. In addition, there are models of trolleys with rotating wheels, which allow better mobility when making a turn.



2. Handlebar

The handlebar is also different on each trolley. There are different types. Some allow you to adjust your height, which is very comfortable to avoid having to bend or stretch your back excessively when transporting the shopping trolley.

There are models that have a non-slip material handlebar, which improves safety when moving the car. Or with ergonomic handles, which help the hand not suffer.



3. Capacity and Weight

Each shopping trolley can support a maximum weight and has a limit capacity. When buying a shopping trolley you have to think beforehand about what your lifestyle is like. Do you usually do big biweekly or monthly purchases? Do you prefer to make a weekly purchase? Or do you go out almost daily because you prefer to consume fresher products?


Depending on the amount of products you are going to buy at once, you will need a shopping trolley with more or less capacity.


You should also take into account what type of family you have. If you live alone, your purchases will probably be much less than those of a family of three or four people. The load capacity of your shopping trolley will depend on your specific needs at all times.


As you can see, with a shopping trolley we can contribute to taking care of the environment while taking care of our health. Shopping trolleys are practical items, increasingly fashionable among consumers.


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