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The “Small Raised Design” of The Shopping Trolley Has Hidden Functions

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Whenever someone visits a store, they usually like to carry a shopping trolley with them for convenience. In this way, one person can buy many products and put them in the shopping trolley. These shopping trolleys are sometimes in danger of crashing. There are many types of shopping trolleys, so sometimes you may encounter someone else’s shopping trolley.


If you find a "small bump" on your shopping trolley, you must know that its purpose is effective. Some trolleys even have multiple bumps. This beauty is not only to make the product look more complicated. It has additional functions.


In fact, this design is for everyone to hang shopping bags or handbags, because when you buy a bunch of different kinds of things, some items like eggs or biscuits are afraid of being squashed, so you can use it at this time Hang the bag after it's installed so that you don't have to worry about being crushed.


If you know how to give your own bazaar the appearance and good taste of high-quality products, shopping trolley suppliers will easily provide them. You must be wondering that they are still useful to you. Sometimes there are things that we cannot put at the bottom of the shopping trolley. These things may be cookies in very light packaging, so there is a risk of breaking easily.


Sometimes you may carry leather bags, and when you have to drag the trolley, they become too heavy to carry. This is the embodiment of the bump design on the shopping trolley. This is very useful when hanging shopping bags or your own wallet.

 shopping trolley

You can buy multiple items in the store, but some of them may be too fragile to store in the shopping trolley. These may be things such as eggs, biscuits, or glass products. In this case, when you know how to use it, bumping can be very useful. This does not seem to be a trivial add-on, nor is it a disappointment.


Therefore, the next time you visit the bazaar, you will know one thing that will be your partner and will not fall below the bazaar's expectations. From now on, you know how to use them and what they are used for. You can also disseminate information so that you no longer have to worry about items being crushed, and everything can be super organized when shopping.


All in all, this is one of the best features a shopping trolley can have. I hope this can be implemented at all stages, and everyone can have a truly beautiful and interesting shopping experience without worrying about their work. This is a very attractive feature, and all markets should have this shopping trolley if they want customer satisfaction.


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