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Precautions for taking your baby in the supermarket shopping trolley

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Many parents like to take their children to the supermarket for shopping, and the supermarket also provides a very user-friendly shopping trolley with baby seats. Adults often think that it is safe and secure to let their children sit in the shopping trolley when visiting the supermarket, but there are hidden dangers in the shopping trolley.



Parents must take safety precautions. If they do not pay attention to the details, they may cause harm to the child. So what are the precautions for taking the baby to the supermarket and riding the shopping trolley?


 supermarket shopping trolley

1. Pay attention to check the quality of the supermarket shopping trolley, especially the quality of the baby seat, check the structure, load-bearing capacity, flexibility, and tilt of the shopping trolley as part of the shopping trolley, and ensure that the trolley is safe before allowing the child to do shopping On the car seat.


2. The space of the baby seat in the shopping trolley should be suitable for your baby. For example, the seat space of the shopping trolley is narrow, but the child is fat, so the child is easy to be stuck; if the space is too large, the child is relatively young and sits in a chair The above does not play a role of safety protection.


3. Don't put children in the shopping trolley box to avoid danger of children's autonomous activities when adults are shopping. Don't let your baby stand in the shopping trolley, especially the older children. Pulling the shopping trolley or the baby's activities can easily cause the child's center of gravity to become unstable and cause the risk of falling, or even flip out of the shopping trolley.


4. Don't let your baby use his fingers or toes to buckle the gaps in the shopping trolley to prevent the baby from getting stuck in his hands, toes or being scratched by metal.


5. Baby is sitting on the shopping trolley. Always remind your baby to put his hands on the armrests on his chest. Never put his little hands on both sides of the shopping trolley to prevent the baby's hands from being hurt by the shopping trolley. When there is a shopping trolley passing by, always pay attention to the baby's hands and feet to prevent the baby from not paying attention when moving, reaching out and being caught by the passing shopping trolley.


6. When toddlers ride in the shopping trolley, they need to reinforce a safety belt. If the shopping trolley is not equipped, you can use the scarf you carry around to tie the baby's waist to the shopping trolley to prevent the baby from being unconscious and accidentally falling over shopping trolley.


In summary, when parents take their children to the supermarket, they must use the trolley in the correct way. Now many supermarkets are also beginning to use child trolleys, if necessary, you can choose by yourself. If you need a large number of wholesale supermarket shopping trolley, please contact QHDC.


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