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How to choose a Shopping cart?

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Just as having good raw material is essential to improve your kitchen, choosing a good shopping cart is essential in ensuring a good shopping experience. Yes, you will forget about carrying those bags and lifting weight. When you use a good shopping cart, you are sure to take care of your health too.

The shopping carts, used for years, have been updated and now offer multiple functionality and patterns. One remarkable change in the shopping cart is the adjustment feature. Here, we are talking about the folding shopping cart with wheels.

In this article, we shall be looking at some criteria you have to consider when choosing a shopping cart.

Let’s get started!

6 criteria to evaluate and choose the best shopping cart for a better shopping experience.

Not everything is price, comfort or functions, the right combination of each of these characteristics will result in the best shopping cart for your needs:


Guarantee: Buying a product without guarantee is no longer an option. If you are going to invest in a good shopping cart you have to have a brand that can answer for any damage covered by the company.

Comfort: in addition to supporting the weight of your item, you have to also consider the possibility of folding it to save space when storing.

Weight: Consider both the weight of the empty shopping cart and the maximum load you can put on it.

Wheels: 4 or 6 wheels are the most common and have a direct impact on the comfort to carry them. There are even wheels that rotate 360 ​​degrees for greater comfort. You need to consider this!

Extras: You should consider whether they include, for example, the handle for a firm grip which will minimize manual handling injuries.

Price: You have to consider the short term and the long term effects of your choice when looking at the price of the folding shopping cart. Your budget is also important here. There is a range of price for the shopping carts in the market. Contact your folding shopping cart supplier to get a quote.

Aspects of the structure of a shopping cart that you can choose

The number of wheels and their location have a direct impact on the comfort with which you carry your shopping cart. Let's see the most common wheel configurations and their characteristics;

 If the shopping cart has:

4 wheels: you can push it, thus reducing the force necessary to move it

6 wheels: it is similar to those of the 4 wheels with the addition that the wheels (associated in 3 per side) also rotate if you have to lower the curb of the street or climb steps or stairs, you can do it without effort

Wheels can be fixed or rotate 360 ​​degrees for greater comfort

Extras that can be included in a foldable shopping cart

The ability to fold it up, to keep it in a smaller space or to transport it in the car, the number of compartments included, the impermeability of the bag, the inclusion of an insulated bag   for frozen.

Adjustable handlebar: adjusting the height of the handlebar will save you many moments of discomfort. Adapt it to the exact distance from your body so that transport is effortless.


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