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Correct Use of American Style Shopping Trolley And Shopping Basket

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If you want to buy vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs, milk, detergents and other essential things in life, just go to the supermarket to solve all the problems.


But did you know? Supermarkets are actually the main source of bacteria, and you may unknowingly bring invisible bacteria home. The American style shopping trolley manufacturer teaches you how to avoid bacteria in the supermarket.


Use shopping baskets and metal shopping carts correctly. Since the trolleys in most stores are used very frequently, they rotate in the hands of customers all day, so there is no time for cleaning and disinfection.

 American style shopping trolley

The data shows that the detection rate of molds on the bottom of supermarket shopping baskets can reach 69%, the detection rate of coliforms is 51%, and the detection rate of molds on the bottom of trolleys is 37%. In open shopping in supermarkets, once customers' hands are contaminated by bacteria on the trolley, they may be transferred to food during the selection process.


It is recommended to bring a pack of disinfectant wipes when going to the supermarket. Before using the shopping cart, you can wipe it with a rag. Don't let children sit on the trolley. Do not put cooked food on the bottom.


Finally buy raw meat and frozen food. In general supermarkets, fresh food, meat and daily necessities are strictly distinguished so that customers can buy frozen and fresh products in the future.


But in life, many people do not pay attention to the order of shopping, first go to the butcher shop to buy things, and then buy other things. Due to the high temperature in supermarkets, as a result, fresh food will breed bacteria when it melts, contaminate shopping baskets and cause cross-infection.


Eat less cooked food that you can try for free. Most cooked food is placed outside without any covering. Customers can pick them up by hand. Those who process cooked food should not wear a mask. These are the unsafe factors of cooked food.

 American style shopping trolley

The Guangzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention inspected some supermarkets and found that among 32 cooked food samples, the total number of bacterial colonies and coliforms in 21 samples exceeded the requirements of the national standard, and the unqualified rate was as high as 84%. It is recommended not to try free cooked food. The purchased cooked food should be cooked and sterilized before eating, and eat within 2 hours.


Cooked food overnight or refrigerated must be heated before consumption to reach the food center so that the innermost food can be put on the shelf. The survey found that the products on the outer shelf are picked most frequently, but not every customer can buy them. It easily produces various skin oils and bacteria. It is recommended to place the product on the innermost shelf.


Wash your hands immediately after returning home. Although the bacteria in the supermarket will not cause direct harm to the human body, if you eat with dirty hands full of bacteria, you are susceptible to infection, especially children. Therefore, wash your hands immediately after visiting the supermarket.


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